The Exclusions of Big Data


Digital Humanity was founded to connect people in high-risk and low-stability environments where communications or data flows may be limited.  It’s here that people face a risk few consider: the exclusion from big data.  Because they do not routinely engage in activities that big data is designed to capture — either due to poverty, geography, or lifestyle — they are systematically omitted from the data sets that drive decision-making at the highest levels.  

The consequences to this marginalization are tangible — programs and services are not designed to address their needs or to tap their talents or resources, consequently limiting their opportunities for entry into the marketplace, to participate fully in civic life, or to access services that would improve their standing. Digital Humanity can help give people a data-driven voice and help ensure their preferences and needs are represented in the big data revolution. 


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Digital Humanity's leadership includes subject matter experts in human rights, social science, diplomacy, and technology.  We're passionate about using our skills to make your voices heard.

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