We are human rights advocates, technologists, and scientists who are passionate about making your voices heard.

Our Mission

Digital Humanity uses technology to engage people around the world on subjects that matter to them -- their security, livelihoods, and wellbeing -- to ensure their voices are heard by decision-makers.

What We are up to

Our work is focused on opening up channels of communications with populations around the world about the topics most important to them.  This involves partnerships with the communities we serve, the use of many different modalities of technology, and we focus on those often left without a voice.  Please feel free to reach out to us if you would like more information on any of our projects.

  • Monitoring teacher pay in Afghanistan
  • Opening communications in Liberia and Sierra Leone during the Ebola crisis
  • Surveying priority needs in Yemen
  • Modeling labor migration (Europe, Asia, North Africa)
  • Understanding grievances in the Middle East
  • More ... coming soon